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Το κόκκινο ποτάμι 2019: 1x1

Επεισόδιο 1+2

Ottoman Empire, 1897. Doctor Michalis Nikolaidis and his wife Sofia, engage their 9-year-old daughter Iphigenia, with 12-year-old Miltos, son of merchant George Pavlidis and Eugenia. Beyond the friendship of the two families, it is an engagement with purpose. The constant attacks of the fanatical Turks against the Christians are forcing the two families to flee their homeland. Eleven years later, the two young people meet again in Instanbul and fall in love at first sight , unaware of the old family bond.

Το κόκκινο ποτάμι: 1x1x2
Το κόκκινο ποτάμι: 1x1x2
Oct. 06, 2019

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