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  • Το κόκκινο ποτάμι: 1x3x4
  • Το κόκκινο ποτάμι: 1x3x4

Το κόκκινο ποτάμι 2019: 1x2

Επεισόδιο 3+4

Miltos eagerly returns to Iphigenia’s home. He meets Sakharov and impresses him with his intelligence and sharpness. Iphigenia dreams of their common future. Miltos promises her a happy life. Sakharov, however, proposes to follow him to Paris, to become his right hand there. Miltos is excited. Iphigenia reacts.

Το κόκκινο ποτάμι: 1x3x4
Oct. 13, 2019

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